Handheld RS60

Terminales Industriales para Movilidad

  • Escáner 2D
  • Android
  • BT,NFC
  • de 0ºC a 50ºC
  • IP65
  • Puerto tipo C
  • Peso con disparador: 52 gramos
  • Peso sin disparador: 38 gramos
  • Dimensiones: 61 mm x 28 mm x 21 mm

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Part Numbers

RS60 ring scanner

HHRS01 RS60 Ring scanner with bluetooth, NFC, 2D imager (N6703), trigger key and battery
HHRS01-1015 RS60 Four slot charging station. Needs HHRS01-1005 and C13 cable.
HHRS01-1025 RS60 Eight slot battery charger. Needs HHRS01-1005 and C13 cable.
HHRS01-2004 RS60 Battery (3.8V, 700 mAh, 2.66Wh)
HHRS01-1062 RS60 Sled with USB-C bracket and scan key. Replaces trigger.
HHRS01-1063 RS60 Spare trigger key

Max Care-Standard

MC-RS60-STD3 MaxCare Standard, 3-year coverage
MC-RS60-STD5 MaxCare Standard, 5-year coverage

Max Care-All inclusive

MC-RS60-AI3 MaxCare All-inclusive, 3-year coverage
MC-RS60-AI5 MaxCare All-inclusive, 5-year coverage

Max Care-Extension

EMC-RS60-STD1 MaxCare Standard, 1-year extension
EMC-RS60-AI1 MaxCare All-inclusive, 1-year extension


HHACC-01 AC-adapter, type-C w/ power plugs EU, US, UK, AU
HHRS01-1005 RS60-1015/1025 charging adaptor. Needs C13 cable.


C13-EU C13 EU power cable